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Reagan was famous for his enormous, hands down landslide election of 1984 and the many who crossed the aisle and labeled themselves “Reagan Democrats.” Who knows, you may be one of them.

Well now Donald Trump has his own Democrat crossovers.  One man has coined a fantastic name for them.

And it looks like Trump will have quite the exodus of Democrats over to his side for November, just as many independents came out to support him in the primaries.  The polls may not be able to predict crossovers like this in such an unprecedented election cycle.

Breitbart reports:

Meet the “Trumpocrats,” or so the sizable collection of lifelong Democrats breaking with their party because of their disgust with nominee for president Hillary Rodham Clinton and supporting instead Republican nominee Donald J. Trump call themselves.

Christian Rickers, the Virginia-based executive director of the Trumpocrats PAC—a Super PAC designed to help his like-minded lifelong Democrats abandon the sinking Democratic ship due to Hillary Clinton’s nomination and join the Trump movement—walked Breitbart News through why he is leading the effort among Democrats who support Trump for president.

Rickers has some devastating arguments, especially for a guy who has voted down-ticket Democrat over the years.

Rickers said in a phone interview: I’m a lifelong Democrat, really since I was a little kid, and I still am a Democrat. But the Clintons—for instance, where I am from, my hometown, when I was a kid we had 15 manufacturing plants and we now have one. Nobody does anything there anymore, and that’s the same thing happening in a lot of small towns across the country really. The Clintons are really the cause of this, the cause of manufacturing going overseas with NAFTA and the trade deals and all of that.

If Hillary Clinton is elected, and not Donald Trump, Rickers says that income inequality—and particularly the “gap” between “the rich and the poor” will get worse. Clinton’s refusal to focus on issues that matter to middle class Americans of all political stripes—including Democrats—is why Rickers is calling on Democrats nationwide to join him in a push to elect Donald Trump president of the United States.

This election cycle has already been unpredictable, and this is the latest groundswell that bodes good news for Trump, as long as he can continue to motivate his base and simultaneously appeal to the broad spectrum of Americans.

If you know any lifelong Democrats that are having second thoughts about Crooked Hillary, they need to watch this video.

Source: Breitbart

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