Isn’t it fun when pompous liberals find that their plans blow up in their faces?  And it’s tough to find a more pompous liberal than Senator Harry Reid who is now making his long overdue exit from the Senate.

So what has Harry done that’s going to create problems for the Democratic legislators he has left behind in the early months of 2017?

He made it much easier for the Republicans, including Mr. Trump, to wipe out whole pieces of Obama’s legacy.  It’s called the “Congressional Review Act,” and Reid was a supporter of the legislation.

Here’s how this works along with a hint of the fun we can look forward to:

“President-elect Trump has promised to repeal two federal regulations for every new one issued, and the Congressional Review Act, which Reid co-sponsored in 1996, will give him a running start.

“The law gives Congress the power to rescind any unwelcome late, so-called “midnight” regulations from an outgoing president through a simple majority vote in both chambers of Congress.

“Since its passage as part of House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America in 1996, it has only been successfully used once, but Republicans are promising to leverage its full power in January to kill rules the Obama administration has issued in its last months in office.”

Can you imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth by leftists as simple majorities in both houses just wipe out Obama’s rules with impunity?  By the rules of this act, legislation to roll back Obama’s rules cannot be filibustered.  Hence, all this can be accomplished with dispatch, something relatively unheard of in Washington.

That’s not the only gift Mr. Reid is leaving for the Republicans.  Recall the filibustering and acrimonious debate that frequently accompanied a president’s appointments to the federal courts?  Can’t happen anymore except with regard to Supreme Court nominees.

What changed that?  Again, Mr. Reid had a hand in making the change:  “Most Democrats understood the reasons behind Reid’s decision in 2013 to go “nuclear” and change Senate rules to end the minority party’s ability to filibuster presidential nominations for all but the Supreme Court. Democrats were tired of Republicans blocking Obama’s appointments to the lower courts and were willing to risk the turn-about that comes now that they have no power to block most of Trump’s nominations.”

Those words should be music to your ears:  “[T]hey [Democrats] have no power to block most of Trump’s nominations.”

So what we are going to get are copious amounts of the aforementioned “wailing and gnashing of teeth” from our liberal friends.  No doubt we’ll also be treated to lurid headlines from Democratic luminaries and their affiliates in the major media pronouncing the doom of the Republic over Mr. Trump’s nominees.  Of course, none of these predicted catastrophes will come to pass, giving us yet another opportunity to rejoice.

All these gifts, and Christmas isn’t even here yet!

Source:  Joe for America

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