Massive Scandal EXPLODES On Democrat Leader…Even Liberals DEMAND Her Resignation!

Criminal activity and liberal policies seem to go hand in hand.

We’ve known for a long time that Hillary and Bill’s “Foundation” is nothing more than a money laundering scheme. They took big cash from foreign nations in exchange for political favors.

Recently we learned about disgraced congresswomen Corrine Brown, who was stealing money from a charity meant to provide scholarships to students.

This is a trend with liberals. They claim to be the party for the working class and poor. But often we see them breaking the rules to collect fat checks.

The most recent liberal to be exposed is suspected of taking $175 million from a school. That’s quite a bit of cash that could have gone to help education America’s future. Instead it lined a liberal’s pockets.

But will this person be punished for this crime? That’s the big question.

From Angry Patriot:

According to Fox News, this time we are talking about Janet Napolitano. She was the former secretary of Homeland Security under the — you guessed it — Obama administration. Now, as president of the UC school system in California, she is participating in money theft. She managed to funnel a staggering $175 MILLION into a secondary account while “collecting funds” for student tuition…

NBC Los Angeles reported that the California attorney general is refusing to take the case and investigate her crimes. Attorney General Xavier Becerra claimed that this is an issue for the California State Legislature to handle, even though they consist of a crew of left-wingers.

Even liberals are storming the streets demanding her resignation:

Sound familiar? A liberal is exposed in breaking the law for big cash. Yet her buddies in power look the other way.

Just like Obama’s government which protected Hillary Clinton despite her many crimes. The leaders in California are making excuses, refusing to investigate and punish Napolitano.

Meanwhile the left goes after our president over nothing but empty rumors.

How long are the American people going to tolerate such corruption? How long before we say “No more,” and oust this den of crooks once and for all?

We have a GOP majority in Washington and throughout the states, yet we still put up with these kinds of antics from the left.

It’s time for the Democratic Party to fold. But it can only happen if we, the people, spread the word. The more people who learn about Napolitano and her crime, the more people will refuse to vote left.

Let’s make it happen.

Source: Angry Patriot

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