MASSIVE Travel Ban Scandal Explodes…Democrat Corruption ROCKS Washington!

Since the beginning of his administration, we’ve seen President Trump’s efforts attacked and slowed by liberals.

While he’s promised to make America great again, democrats have vowed to stop him at all costs. Already he’s done much to set the U.S. on the right track. Yet there is so much more to be done.

And all the democrats can do is impede progress and make America less safe.

It’s all because they are still bitter over the election. Their loyalties are to their party and its toxic ideas. They do not care about the success of the United States. They certainly don’t care about the safety and well-being of American citizens.

Such was the case when numerous liberal officials–including judges–worked to stop Trump’s travel ban on terrorist-linked nations.

While he worked to keep terrorists out of our country, liberals defied him. It made our country much less safe.

Now one of those liberals has just dropped a bombshell of truth.

From The Right Scoop:

Sally Yates admitted in an exchange with Senator Cornyn that the Office of Legal Counsel reviewed Trump’s immigration EO and found it to be completely legal. Yet she had the audacity to overrule the Office of Legal Counsel and deem it unconstitutional.

Watch Sally Yates below do her best Robin Wright impression. In the end, however, she twists and writhes when it becomes clear that unless she lied to America’s face, she had to own up to sabotaging Trump.

She did what a few of the federal courts did that overruled it. She looked outside the language and detail of the actual order itself to Trump’s campaign statements in 2016 to deem it unconstitutional, which is only something a liberal hack would do.

The liberal world was shocked when President Trump fired Yates. Yet she openly defied the president, her boss.

Now months later she is forced to admit the executive order he signed was legal. She only defied it–like the judges–because of party politics.

It had nothing to do with the legality of the order, but her feelings towards the new president.

My friends, that’s not how a country is run. A strong, stable country is run by laws, with people who obey their leaders under the law. If liberals can do whatever they want, based on their politics, then what kind of country are we living in?

None at all.

Source: The Right Scoop

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