Medal of Honor Hero Gives Susan Rice New Nickname – She’s HATING This!

When it comes to giving liberals hilarious nicknames, it’s hard to top President Trump.

From calling his opponent “Hillary Rotten Clinton” to calling Sen. Elizabeth Warren”Pocahontas”, Trump seemingly can’t be trumped.

But one Medal of Honor recipient may be giving Trump a run for his money when it comes to mocking the people that have tried to deceive this country.

When it was revealed recently that Susan Rice had been caught lying again about Assad removing his weapons from Syria, many conservatives were rightly outraged, but not too surprised.

Dakota Meyer was one such individual, and during an interview with Fox News called Rice, “the last administration’s liar-in-chief.”

From Independent Journal Review:

“She came out, she lied about Benghazi, and a year ago, she said on MSNBC that all the chemical weapons were removed from Syria.”

That led Meyer to an important question:

“Did she know then, just like she knew she lied about Benghazi, that they weren’t removed? I mean, it’s insane.”

It’s common knowledge Rice has lied about many things. In addition to making deliberately false statements about Benghazi and Assad’s chemical weapons, she also lied about Bowe Bergdahl being a hero for abandoning his troop to join the Taliban.

Also, everyone now knows that Rice and the Obama administration had Donald Trump wiretapped long before the election and endangered Trump’s transition team.

The question is, what is the government going to do about it? Dakota Meyer, Sen. Rand Paul, and many others are demanding Rice testify under oath.

Every one of these lies is a crime, and Congress, the DOJ, and the President must address it.

Now that liberals aren’t able to circle the wagons to protect their own anymore, perhaps we have a real shot at seeing Rice receive some long overdue justice.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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