EXPOSED: Media CAUGHT Spinning Trump Campaign Lies! Here’s Why Manafort REALLY Left…

The left-wing media is amaking a fool of themselves.  They are painting the departure of Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager, as evidence his bid is falling apart.  MSN ran the headline “Trump Fires Manafort Due To Felony.”

Well guess what, media? Nothing could be further from the truth.  They have been caught with their pants down once again, fitting whatever news comes out with their twisted narrative.  Manafort was not fired, and it had very little to do with his own actions.

The Conservative Tribune reports:

“He was asked, and he indeed tended his resignation today,” the campaign’s new manager, Kellyanne Conway, explained, according to The Hill. “Mr. Trump accepted his resignation and wished him well and thanked him for his service. I think it’s as simple as that.”

However, Conway reiterated that the decision was “mutual,” suggesting that Manafort desired to to leave as much as Trump wanted him gone.

The GOP candidate needs people who fit his style on his team, and clearly, Manafort was not the right individual for the job.

“[Trump] has every privilege of surrounding himself with the team that he wants,” Conway reportedly added.

It seems clear that each leg of this presidential campaign requires a specific skill and tone.  Corey Lewandowski was a little-known political operative who helped a candidate who had never seriously run for office defeat 16 who had.  Paul Manafort guided Trump through his months as the presumed nominee through the convention and has served him well.  Now the dream team of Conway and Bannon will use their unique blend of skills to take Trump across the finish line.

All the rumors about Manafort’s Russians connections are just that: rumors.  It was clearly the time to make a change after flagging numbers, and there have been reports that Manafort never intended to manage Trump’s campaign, especially not through November.  Things seem promising for Trump with a new, sharp group at the helm.


Source: Conservative Tribune

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