DEBUNKED: Media Claims Vote Fraud Is A Myth…Apparently They Never Saw THIS!

The fact remains that with all the bullying, mud-slinging, lies, and collusion, the democrats will still use every trick in the book to have their way. The noble idea of a free election isn’t very attractive to a candidate, if they put winning first.

So it comes as no surprise that–in addition to their other schemes–Hillary Clinton and the DNC will try to commit voter fraud to have their way.

While often on a small scale and frequently caught, attempts to rig an election are common. If not confronted and exposed, a corrupt political party could easily pervert the will of the people in favor of their candidate.

While the Democrats deny any such thing has ever happened, even enlisting good ol’ Barry to confirm, we have evidence that fraud happens all the time.

From The Washington Times:

This is where the left is wrong: The argument isn’t whether voter fraud is real, but how widespread it is. Here’s 10 examples documenting that voter fraud isn’t a myth and how Mr. Trump’s claims aren’t just speculation.

  1. Dead people voting in Colorado.

…A report in Denver exposed multiple incidents in recent years where dead Coloradans were still voting. A dead World War II veteran named John Grosso voted in a 2006 primary election, and a woman named Sara Sosa who died in 2009 cast ballots in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013…

  1. Illegals found voting in Virginia; only discovered after they self-reported…
  2. Some Pennsylvania citizens voting twice.

Last year, Pennsylvania’s secretary of state admitted data showed more than 700 Pennsylvania voters might have cast two ballots in recent elections…

  1. Illegal voters uncovered in Philadelphia; half had previously voted…
  2. Voter rigging triggers probe in Texas.

 This week, allegations of voter fraud in Tarrant County, Texas, prompted a state investigation. The suit focuses on mail-in ballots, which allows for people to vote from their homes without any ID or verification of identity. There’s concern of so-called “vote-harvesting” were political operatives fill out and return other people’s ballots, without their consent.

  1. Indiana voter fraud investigation grows to 56 counties.

According to a local NBC report, Indiana State Police are in the midst of a statewide investigation into possible voter registration fraud…

  1. Three under investigation in Oklahoma for voting twice in the presidential primary.
  2. Election fraud in Kentucky.

A Franklin County grand jury has indicted a Pike County man in June on multiple felony counts of election fraud in connection with last month’s statewide primary…

  1. Underage voters found voting in Wisconsin’s presidential primary…
  2. Voter registration cards sent to illegals in Pennsylvania.

Many of these can be attributed to clerical errors, people just dropping the ball. At least it looks that way. But such lax attitudes when it comes to such an important institution is a breeding ground for corruption. Dishonest politicians can abuse the system to rig an election at the local level.

The only remedy for this, besides vigilant oversight, is for more people to get out and vote. Small accounts of fraud or mistakes won’t be able to invalidate the millions and millions of Americans who rightfully cast their vote.

Early voting is already underway in many states. If you’re not sure you can get out to the polls on November 8, be sure to mail in your ballot or visiting in the weeks before. Don’t let Hillary and her band of criminals steal this election.

They have no power, if we use ours.

Source: The Washington Times

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