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MEDIA COVERUP: France Terrorist’s Final 2 Words! And Here’s Why You Haven’t Heard Them…
By PJ Editor|July 17, 2016

We already know the media is working hard to hide the intentions of the terrorists who have wreaked havoc on our nation and the world.  But what we are learning now about their attempts to hide basic facts is downright disgusting

Mohamed, the terrorist who shocked the world and killed over 80 people on July 14th, Bastille Day, seems to have made his intentions clear when ploughed his truck into the crowd.

But apparently he made it much clearer, but the media has been hiding Mohamed’s final words.

Mohamed the truck terrorist’s last words were (surprise!) Allahu Akbar. (Allah is the Greatest) Let us take this opportunity to be stunned. Few can understand the mindset of someone who would plough through a group of revelers, apparently singling out a child. A familiar profile emerges of someone recently unemployed, non-devout, and “alienated.”

According to Allen West:

Tragically, attacker Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel was known to police as a career criminal, but not known to intelligence services. One has to wonder… were there red flags authorities might have picked up on in Bouhlel’s criminal past to suggest a terror risk, had they not been willfully blinded by political correctness?

Observers may not understand French culture, but the escalation of these attacks seems obvious. From Charlie Hebdo, to a Paris rock concert, to people enjoying Bastille Day celebrations at the beach, and maybe tomorrow people shopping at the grocery store? (They must have been buying wine!) The subliminal message of these attacks couldn’t be any more clear: this is my turf, stay away.

Source: Allen West

PJ Editor
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