Donald Trump Is SURGING! The Media’s Plan To Stop Him REVEALED

On Wall Street, they call it a “dead cat bounce”: A very brief and therefore deceptive (and potentially costly) rise in a stock’s price. After all, you see, “even a dead cat will bounce.”

Now pundits are starting to refer to “The Trump Bump.”

Intentionally or not, that phrase brings to mind the one about that poor deceased feline on a bad date with gravity. “Trump Bump” seems to imply that Donald Trump’s recent surge in the polls is a passing fad.

Is it really? Are Americans really that fickle?

According to

Entering the general election trailing by about 7 points, Trump has rapidly erased most of that gap: As of Friday, Clinton’s advantage was down to roughly 2 points, according to the HuffPost Pollster average. And some polls, like a Fox News survey out on Wednesday, show Trump inching ahead of Clinton. (…)

A CBS News/New York Times poll conducted over roughly the same period found Clinton up by 6 points, 47 percent to 41 percent. But, like the Fox poll, Clinton earns roughly the same percentage of Democrats (88 percent) as Trump does of Republicans (85 percent).  (…)

Gallup has been tracking the candidates’ images among their own partisans — and interviews over the past week, conducted May 12-18, find Trump as popular among Republicans (65 percent favorable/30 percent unfavorable) as Clinton is among Democrats (66 percent favorable/29 percent unfavorable). (…)

Among independent voters, Trump’s numbers have improved since he vanquished his remaining GOP rivals in the Indiana primary on May 3.

Politicians and their staffers are fond of saying that “The only poll that matters is the one on election day.” And that day is still months in the future.

Democrats, with the help of their useful idiots in the media claim the whole thing is temporary and Hillary is on the verge of her own surge as a way of blunting his lead…

But just as anti-Clinton sentiments have helped Trump unify Republicans, Democrats expect the same to happen when their nominating process concludes.

“I think it’s certain that Clinton would benefit from putting the intra-party divisiveness behind her in the same way that Trump has benefited from that on his side,” Garin said. “Polling in 2008 reflected a unification among Democrats after the last primary as a result of Hillary expressing her support for Obama and encouraging her own supporters to also get behind him.”

However, these polls do reveal that Donald Trump is more popular than any of those “experts” ever predicted he’d be. Americans will have to wait and see whether or not that “bump” turns out to be a “landslide.”


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