Race-Baiting Media Wanted Milwaukee To Be About Racism…Then The TRUTH Came Out!

As reliably as a clock striking midnight, CNN and their race-baiting brethren in the media are trying to make the Milwaukee shooting all about racism, but this time their narrative is falling apart before it can even take hold.

While we agree that all lives matter, you can’t help but be a little relieved that this vicious thug is no longer sharing oxygen with decent people.

Allen West has all the details of who this pathetic waste of human flesh really was…

The suspect killed, 23-year-old Sylville Smith, was armed with an illegal firearm that he was told to put down repeatedly. He refused. And just a bonus: in the theft where Smith took that firearm, 500 rounds of ammunition were stolen as well. How many lives would he have taken with those?

Police racism? The officer who shot and killed Smith was black himself.

Now, two days after his death, more information about Smith is coming out, and it destroys any hope that liberals had of assembling a narrative of an unjust police killing. For one, his criminal record is out:

Here are a few photos from the human excrement that the brave cop removed from the gene pool…

2jpeg 4jpeg smith-1000x640

Source: Allen West

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