WOW – Media Response To Latest Clinton Revelations SHOCKING…She Must Be PANICKED!

When someone who is supposed to be your friend suddenly refuses to speak to you for no reason, it’s hard not to resent them after a while. That’s what’s happening now with Hillary Clinton and the media.

No matter how much free publicity they give her (to the point where CNN has been nicknamed the “Clinton News Network”) she still won’t hold a press conference. For someone seeking the highest office in the land, this strange strategy is simply unheard of. Now journalists are losing patience.

Kit Daniels reports:

Several mainstream articles published on Tuesday followed the same trend: Hillary is losing ground against Trump and may very well lose the election, which is an unusual admission from pro-Hillary media.

Politico, which until now has been a major Hillary cheerleader, [noted], “And nobody is better at handing her adversaries talking points to undermine trust, on emails, on the Clinton Foundation, on her own refusal to do something as simple as talking to the reporters who cover her every day.”

And CNN, which is likely Hillary’s biggest media supporter, admitted she’s losing independents to Trump by 20 points.

The mainstream media now has two options:
1) Continue to lie about Hillary’s health and lose what remains of its credibility or
2) Turn back towards truthful reporting – even if it damages Hillary – and salvage what little influence remains

The liberal media wants Hillary Clinton to win. But at the end of the day, they also want to survive with some measure of their ever diminishing power intact. If they think turning on Hillary is the way to accomplish this, then many of them will take that chance.

Source: InfoWars

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