Media Silent After Trump Makes ‘Progressive’ Homeland Pick – Proves They Really Hate…

It never fails. Time and again the left proves just what kind of hypocrites they are.

Claiming to be accepting and open to all peoples, more often they not, they are the most prejudice and exclusive. This is especially true if you are conservative.

Doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve accomplished. If you have the “wrong” views, you’re treated as an enemy. We’ve seen this in recent years, with their treatment of Sarah Palin, Ben Carson, even Milo Yiannopoulos.

Once again they prove this double standard, after the deafening silence of this new Trump appointee.

From National Review:

Donald Trump announced yesterday that he has nominated Kirstjen Nielsen as secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, filling the position vacated by John Kelly, who left DHS in order to serve as the president’s chief of staff. Nielsen served as Kelly’s deputy at DHS and went to the White House with him after Reince Priebus’s departure in July.

This move has yet to merit a single glowing report from the mainstream media or from left-wing pundits and politicians who love to praise powerful women — at least when those women are progressive. Nielsen’s nomination is just the latest instance of this double standard in action…

Left-leaning media outlets and commentators never tire of glorifying powerful women who supposedly outstrip men on their rise to the top. But that praise is utterly contingent on whether or not those powerful women hold the progressive-approved point of view on every issue. As soon as an accomplished woman fails to fall in line with the preferred Democratic agenda, the feverish applause for female accomplishment immediately dies out.

When Obama merely sneezed toward a women, they championed him as a progressive hero. President Obama appointed plenty of women, minorities, and homosexuals to important positions. The left made a big deal out of every one.

Yet they are all but silent over Trump’s support of black Americans, women, and homosexuals. The women and people of color appointed to his cabinet and other departments is routinely overlooked by the fake news industrial complex.

Doesn’t matter how hard Trump can try to prove he is accepting of all Americans. The left will never give him credit for his good work. The bottom line is you can be an incredibly successful African American, women, or gay. If you’re also conservative (or right-leaning in any way), you are nothing to them.

More often, they will attack you.

It’s high time we stop considering liberal outlets as legitimate sources of information. Clearly they seek to cover up the truth in order to protect their agenda.

Source: The National Review

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