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WHOA! Liberal Media Star Just DESTROYED Hillary…Have The Tables TURNED? [WATCH]
By PJ Editor|September 4, 2016

Meet the Press is not exactly a hotbed of right-wing propaganda.

Chuck Todd is not exactly a right-wing propagandist. In fact, he is the oft criticized liberal mouthpiece of NBC News.

The fact that he is openly slamming Hillary Clinton and the FBI on national television could harken to something much bigger…that the liberal media has buyers remorse.

After months of propping up Clinton’s lifeless campaign and scandal-plagued carcass, some on the left are realizing that they may be enabling the criminal take-over of the federal government by a career criminal and sociopath.

TruthFeed has the details…

NBC’s Chuck Todd says it bothers him “as an American citizen” that the FBI did not record its interview with Hillary Clinton on the handling of her emails.
The FBI only took written notes of the July 2 interview with the former secretary of State, and did not record it or create a transcript.
“It bothers me as an American citizen,” the usually-reserved Todd demonstratively declared Friday to a panel of guests on MSNBC’s “Meet the Press Daily.”
“It’s insane. We’re relying on notes on this!” he continued.
Watch the whole thing below…


Source: TruthFeed

PJ Editor
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