Breaking: Megyn Kelly’s $25 Million BOMBSHELL…Fox News Just Got CRUSHED!

The 2016 Election redefined journalism. While the mainstream media tried to distort the election by manipulating you the voter, millions of us turned to alternative news to get the truth.

We were sick of the slanted, overly liberal coverage of major news outlets and sought freedom from their tyranny. Even long time “conservative” network Fox News seemed to oppose Donald Trump, the GOP candidate.

It was clear that key anchors in that organization were biased against Trump, looking for ways to undermine him during the debates and election coverage.

Nobody was more biased towards the man than Megyn Kelly. She seemed to wear her liberal bias on her sleeve, joining in the dishonest ranks of the mainstream media elite.

Now it seems like she’s finally found a home among the sinking ship of liberal news.

From the NYT:

For Megyn Kelly, the shift from Fox News to NBC — where she will host a daily daytime show and a Sunday newsmagazine program — will be a test of whether she can connect with a broader audience in a different format and reach another level of television stardom.

But her move, announced Tuesday, has broader implications for the television news industry, raising new questions about the future of Fox News, where she was a countervailing presence in an opinion lineup heavy with right-leaning ideology, and of NBC News, which has been a longtime bête noire for conservative press critics. And it comes as all news organizations gird for a new era of media coverage that arrives Jan. 20 with the inauguration of Donald J. Trump.

I’m sure many Fox News watchers will be happy to see Kelly leave. It was her allegations of sexual harassment that saw long time executive Roger Ailes leave the network. That crisis was so great, many other long-time FNC hosts threaten to leave the network, in a sign of solidarity to Ailes.

Insider information from New York Magazine reveals that tensions escalated between the flagship host and Fox:

Sources close to Kelly told me today that her departure is an indication of just how unhappy she had become at Fox in the wake of her high-profile feud with Donald Trump and revelations she had accused Ailes of sexual harassment. Her relationships with Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity in particular had completely broken down, one Fox host told me. “Bill hated her,” the host said. As Kelly’s contract negotiations dragged on during her much-publicized book tour, things also grew strained with Rupert Murdoch, two sources said. One Fox insider told me Murdoch balked when Kelly asked for $25 million late in the talks. (A person close to Kelly disputed this, saying that said Kelly never asked for a specific dollar amount but that Fox had offered $25 million.)

Her feud with Donald Trump after the primary debates left people questioning her ability to cover the election unbiased. The fact that she frequently tried to associate Trump with the term “sexual predator” clearly displayed her antagonism towards the Republican candidate.

Her departure to NBC is no surprise. Perhaps she thinks she’ll thrive in a more welcoming environment. Perhaps this will allow her to be more openly liberal in her opinions and statements. At the very least, NBC is following suit with other doomed mainstream outlets, by choosing reporters and hosts that will no doubt misrepresent and distort their coverage of the Trump presidency.

But in an age where the president doesn’t need the media to reach the public, where he can simply tweet to reach Americans, characters like Megyn Kelly are even less relevant than they’ve ever been.

So good luck Kelly. I’m sure you’ll be happy taking NBC’s millions, before they belly up with all the rest.

Source: NYT, NY Mag

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