Melania Trump’s Response To Violence Has Democrats, Media Going Haywire

The country watched is shock as groups of extremists clashed in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Many were injured and lives were lost, thanks to the hateful rhetoric being spread online and through the media.

While many talking heads were virtue signaling and pointing fingers, First Lady Melania Trump called for peace. The response she got was only more proof of how hateful the left has become.

From IJR:

On Saturday, disagreement between attendees of the “Unite the Right” rally and counterprotesters in Charlottesville reached a boiling point.

Violence broke out in the streets and surrounding areas…

Tragedy struck when a driver intentionally plowed his vehicle into a crowd of counterprotesters, killing one and injuring several others…

First Lady Melania Trump tweeted out a call for peace and unity:

And the backlash flooded in:

Your husband fanned this flame. He continues to divide. You and your family share the responsibility for what is happening.

— Dennis Restauro (@GroundedReason) August 12, 2017

Another commenter said, “As if you really care. Your husband started this mess and you didn’t speak up against him. What do you do as FLOTUS anyway?”

In addition Melania is being criticized for “possibly” plagiarizing her response to this disaster, and also for wearing high heels. Yes, you read that right—high heels. Both these charges are ridiculous, but they hope to spin lies and mean critiques into public “truth.”

Few reasonable people would defend the ideas and actions of the far-right protestors. But much of the violence and hate spreading in this country is the result of unchecked, vile rhetoric from the left.

The media and liberals are quick to condemn the white supremacists who gathered to demonstrat. Yet they all but applaud anti-fa and Black Lives Matter, who showed up only to cause violence. They never confront the violent hatred of the left, who are quick to blame Trump and conservatives.

Yet for a long time the left have pushed identity politics, forcing Americans to look at themselves based on their skin color. Anyone that disagrees with this evil practice is branding a racist.

The tempers have gotten so high that this kind of violence happens. And will continue to happen, so long as people listen to the left.

It’s gotten so bad, that even common sense statements from the President’s wife are treated with scorn and hate from evil, empty-headed followers of the liberal media.

And they wonder why violence breaks out?

The events at Charlottesville are entirely the left’s fault. They have been stirring up hatred and controversy for years. They have turned Americans against the president, their neighbors, and anyone that doesn’t look like them.

They are the ones to blame.

Source: IJR

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