MELTDOWN: Hillary Goes Off The Rails! Supporter Just Asked A Simple Question… [WATCH]

The vast majority of African-Americans vote Democrat. So what happens when the biggest Democrat at all takes that vote for granted? That’s what happened to Hillary Clinton and not only did it backfire, it was all caught on video.

At what was supposed to be a casual looking “meet and greet” in a coffee shop, Hillary (who appears to be wearing that $12,000 Armani jacket again) is approached by a young black woman. Clinton clearly assumes that this young lady is yet another female admirer, but she couldn’t be more wrong.

Identifying herself as of Somali descent, the woman tells Hillary that young male Somali refugees are being “stigmatized” by law enforcement, and brings up Clinton’s notorious comment that some black men are “super predators.”

Hillary retorts that she said that “one time” and since then, her record on issues impacting African-Americans speaks for itself, particularly in the support she receives in that community.

The young woman doesn’t back down. Much of their exchange is hard to hear, but eventually Hillary loses her cool and tells the woman — who she calls “dear” — to “go run for something then,” adding sarcastically, “Good luck to you.”

It’s a cringeworthy video. Hillary Clinton simply isn’t that comfortable around people, especially those who dare to ask her about her past statements or question her popularity. Wait until she faces off with Donald Trump in the presidential debates.

Credit: Yes I’m Right

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