WATCH: Anti-American Thugs Just Did Something DESPICABLE At Trump Rally

WATCH: Anti-American, Anti-Trump Thugs Just Did Something DESPICABLE…This Is Why We Fight!

News coming from the Costa Mesa Trump rally is truly despicable. Hundreds of anti-Trump protesters caused nothing short of a riot outside the venue.

While thousands gathered to support their candidate for President, a dangerous minority was giving police and other citizens a hard time outside.

We now have video of the events.

Be warned, it may be hard to watch for some.

From the Daily Mail:

Police clashed with hundreds of protesters outside Donald Trump’s rally in Southern California on Thursday night.

At least one police car was smashed up as hundreds of demonstrators – many of them waving Mexican flags – took to the streets outside the Pacific Amphitheater in Costa Mesa, Orange County where Trump was speaking.

The protesters flooded the street outside the amphitheater with some stomping on cars, hurling rocks at motorists and forcefully declaring their opposition to Trump – bringing traffic to a halt and creating a tense standoff with authorities.

One Trump supporter was pictured with a bloody face after clashing with the anti-Trump activists, many of whom appeared to be young Hispanic people.

Why wave the Mexican flags?  Do you want to drag an entire nation into your disgusting behavior?  I doubt the leaders of Mexico, and the many law-abiding Mexican citizens, would condone such acts of violence.  I doubt they like being associated with a riot on the other side of the border.

Check out the videos below.  This is the kind of people that oppose free speech, freedom of the press, and every liberty our fathers died to give us.  They should not be allowed to behave like this anymore.

Source: Clash Daily

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