BOOM: Mexico WILL Pay For The Wall! Trump Finally Reveals HOW…

Trump’s detractors hate it but his supporters love it.  Build a great wall on the Southern border of the United States—and make Mexico pay for it!

But Trump’s opponents have dismissed this idea as pie in the sky.  And honestly many of Trump’s own team have been unsure of how Mexico could be forced to do something they don’t want without hurting America.

And then Trump comes up with a genius idea and shuts everyone down.  Surprised?

From LifeZette:

A graceful, mutually acceptable solution to the contentious issue of funding a border wall is possible — contrary to what various media outlets are reporting, another source insists.

To fund construction of a new U.S. border wall, Donald Trump and senior advisers are considering various ideas, including the use of assets seized from drug cartels and others in the illicit drug trade.

Advocates of the “make the cartels pay” plan believe it has the added benefit of punishing the “worst of the worst who bring violence to our streets and prey on innocent Mexicans and Americans,” while giving political cover to both leaders to accomplish their objectives. Sources close to both the Mexican government and the Trump campaign have confirmed that this proposal exists, but wish to remain anonymous given the preliminary nature of the discussions.

Interestingly, the war on drugs ramped up during the Bush administration and then dropped precipitously during Obama.  It’s obvious who had a priority for a clean, safe America.  In order for this plan to really work, America (under Trump) would have to get serious about drug seizures again.

drug seizures

The plan could involve the creation of a “joint border security fund,” where assets seized by law enforcement in both nations are deposited, then deployed for construction and maintenance of the border structure to the benefit of both Mexico and the United States.

That solution could go a long way toward paying for Trump’s wall within the first term of his presidency.

So the next time liberals get upset about proposals without detailed solutions, tell them to be creative.  Think outside the box.  Or just be patient, because Trump is not planning to announce pie in the sky ideas like liberals do—just common sense ideas that will make America better for everyone.

Source: LifeZette

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