Mexico’s Filthy Habit Injures Dozens Of Border Patrol Agents—This Has To End

While it’s no secret that US Border Patrol Agents have their hands full, they can take solace in the fact that the Border Wall is coming.

As Trump said when he opened his bid for the Presidency, Mexico is not sending their best and brightest over America’s border illegally. Many of them are dangerous and unwilling to work.

But now they’re sending over something else to America, something so toxic it is putting the lives of our Border Patrol agents in danger.

Finally they are standing up and speaking out.

From Fox News:

Millions of gallons of toxic chemicals and raw sewage are being dumped by Mexico into the Tijuana River, surrounding valleys and U.S. beaches at the U.S.-Mexico border, sickening border patrol agents, but those on the front lines say the U.S. has done little to force Mexico to literally clean up its act.

Some 59 Border Patrol agents have reported getting sick in the last three months after exposure to pollutants while at work along the border. One agent suffered severe chemical burns on his feet after toxic chemicals burned through his boots, according to documentation provided by the U.S. Border Patrol Local 1613 Union.

This is an incredibly disturbing development, as it essentially amounts to a further thumbing of the nose at the US by its neighbors to the South.

Agents are rightfully ticked off about it, and they’re prepared to do something about it if no one else will.  

That union is threatening legal action that could result in all 300 people stationed at the Imperial Beach Border Patrol station to abandon their posts along the vast border between San Diego and Mexico. Border Patrol union leaders blame U.S. government agencies, Congress and the International Boundary and Water Commission for not aggressively addressing the continuing environmental pollution and health hazards. The organization is an independent U.S. commission directed by the State Department that oversees management of the river.

Hopefully it won’t get to that point. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that the relevant agencies get on the ball and put a stop to this slap in the face.

Reading between the lines on this, it’s just the latest example that Trump’s hard-line stance against Mexico is right on the money.

The country has demonstrated an unwillingness to do its part to curb illegal immigration, and it’s now showing that it’ll send whatever it wants across the border.

Source: Fox News

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