Michelle Malkin Just OBLITERATED Top Media Outlet…Exposes Biggest ‘Fake’ News Network! [WATCH]

Lately, the media world’s alive and abuzz with talk about “fake” news and illegitimate sources that pressed untrue mantras – and it was these entities that actually fueled Donald Trump across the White House finish line.

But really, the mainstream media should talk.

After all, it was mainstream media outlets that insisted, based on daily and even hourly polling, that Trump wasn’t going to win in the first place. How wrong they were.

Yet now this same media has the gall to turn around and point fingers at other news outlets and cry, “fake.” These same entities are also upset that Trump has refused to drop his Twitter habit, saying he would except the media lies.

So as Michelle Malkin pointed on Fox News, the mainstream media might want to take a look at itself.

“Malkin went on Hannity to speak about the implicit liberal bias in reporting on CNN (Clinton News Network), MSNBC, CBS and most of the mainstream media networks,” Yes I’m Right reported. “She called them out for being the agenda-driven, partisan hacks that do more for ‘fake’ news than any Facebook page ever could.”

Among her rips: CNN colluded with the Clinton campaign and with the Democratic National Committee.

“It is the textbook example of fake news,” Malkin said to Hannity. “Manufactured narrative.”

She also commended Trump for circumventing the mainstream media by using social media, and said the Washington, D.C., press corps matters less nowadays – and hates him for that.

And on the liberal elitists who masquerade as hard-charging reporters? Malkin took them to task for insufferable arrogance and pompousness.

“It’s the condescending attitude that’s rendering them more and more irrelevant,” Malkin said. “It is not rocket science. All you have to do is question authority.”

Source: Yes I’m Right

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