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Michelle Obama NAILED In Plagiarism Scandal…Melania Can’t Help But Laugh!
By Faith Braverman|April 25, 2017

The Obama’s love to pretend that they’re royalty.

While they were in the White House, Obama acted like a king by issuing illegal executive orders, while Michelle jetted around the globe on the taxpayer’s dime.

Now that the Obama’s have been knocked off their pedestals, they’re continuing to have delusions of grandeur, spending their time on yachts with Oprah while taking frequent visits to Hawaii.

But just because they act like royalty doesn’t make them royalty, and they should not be portrayed as such.

Artist Chris Devins on the other hand thinks Michelle Obama is an Egyptian queen, and raised $12,000 on GoFundMe to paint a mural of her as one near her old elementary school in Chicago.

There are many problems with this mural, not the least of which is that this image was stolen.

From The Political Insider:

Pictures of the mural were widely-shared across social media, and it eventually found its way to Gelila Mesfin, an Ethiopian art student in New York.

Mesfin, who shares artwork of her own on Instagram under the name ‘thick_east_african_girl,’ was shocked to see that the South Side painting was almost identical to a digital drawing of Obama she uploaded last November.

Her image was created by editing a picture taken by New York Times photographer Collier Schorr.

The 24-year-old student, who told the Washington Post she was initially flattered her work had seemingly inspired another artist, was quick to fire off a scathing attack on Devins.

‘How can you just steal someone’s artwork… someone’s hard work and claim it like it’s yours… how can you go on record and say you designed this… this is so disheartening and so disrespectful on so many levels,’ Mesfin wrote on Instagram.

Chris Devins, who it should be noted is a white male, has attempted to downplay the whole situation, claiming that he was merely inspired by the black student’s work and never claimed authorship.

Is there anyone associated with the Obama’s that isn’t a liar or a cheat?

While many say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, plagiarism in the art world is usually frowned upon.

Devins has apologized to Mesfin and has offered to pay her a licensing fee. Mesfin has since posted on Instagram,“I have been in contact with Chris Devins in hopes of resolving this issue in an applicable and professional manner, and from my Instagram family, I only ask that everyone keep this positive towards him. I preach love, not anger or hate of any kind.”

This benevolent attitude displayed by Mesfin is admirable, but it’s unlikely to silence the many critics of Devin who don’t believe that paying off your victim gives you a free pass to steal someone’s intellectual property.

But since he’s an Obama worshiping liberal, Devins can get away with anything.

Source: The Political Insider

Faith Braverman
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