Michelle Obama Just Got The Worst News EVER…Children Everywhere Are CHEERING!

Michelle who? Hasn’t it been refreshing, after eight long years, not to have to hear from or think about former First Lady Michelle Obama for the last few months?

All eyes are naturally on the new First Lady. Melania Trump is so different than her predecessor that the contrast is truly startling.

It’s impossible to imagine, for instance, Michelle Obama reciting the Lord’s Prayer at a rally, the way Melania did last weekend.

And so far, Mrs. Trump has been fairly quiet about any plans to use her position to champion a worthy cause, as has traditionally been one of the First Lady’s roles.

Everyone remembers that Michelle Obama was obsessed with obesity, and how vocal she was about her “healthy” school lunch program. Those who dared to wonder before why the federal government (rather than parents) were meddling in (and subsidizing) what children ate were told to shut up and embrace the new normal “nanny state.”

Now, what a difference an election makes:

Penn-Trafford High School officials removed the school from the National School Lunch Program, after struggling with compliance for years. The regulations were so onerous that cafeteria revenues went down, and student participation in school lunches plummeted.

Leaving the federal lunch program (…) allowed them to escape Michelle Obama’s restrictions on things like calories, fat, sugar, salt. It meant losing federal funding, but apparently, that decision is paying off already.

Over 500 schools have opted out of the National School Lunch Program since Michelle Obama got involved. There was an estimated $1 billion in food waste, as students refused to eat the less-appetizing food.

Heading off liberal criticism at the pass, the school is quick to point out that they are still providing free lunches to eligible needy students.

Among the programs many failings, “it was also pointed out that the federal standards made no allowances for the different body types and dietary needs among the student body.”

But of course not: How could some Washington, DC bureaucrat be expected to calibrate such a thing, and more importantly, why would we want them to?

Of course, this was always about control, not a genuine concern about health. The Democratic Party views itself as the enlightened elite, whose duty it is to save their “stupid” countrymen from themselves.

Is obesity a serious problem in the U.S.? Absolutely. However, whether it was well-intentioned or simply another manifestation of Democratic bullying, Obama’s lunch program simply didn’t work.

Not that liberals care as much about results as they do about intentions — but the point is moot now. Schools finally feel like they can say no to this program, which was doomed to fail anyway (but not after wasting hundreds of millions of dollars.)

Source: Right Wing News

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