Mike Pence ATTACKS…Tells The Media Off In EPIC Fashion – BOOM!

Mike Pence has clearly had enough of the media’s crap.

He just appeared on FOX News Sunday and gave Chris Wallace and all of the haters an earful that they desperately need!

When asked if he has reconsidered the wisdom of running with Trump, a defiant Pence shot back…

“I couldn’t be more honored to be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with” Trump, Pence told host Chris Wallace on Fox News.

Wallace pressed Pence on Trump’s style, code for the way the media twists his words in order to create controversy out of what regular Americans are saying to each other everyday. Pence was having none of it.

Wallace asked Pence whether the “sarcasm” argument was getting old.

“I don’t think it’s getting old at all, Chris,” Pence said. “Donald Trump made his way through a very competitive primary because he spoke not like your typical politician, but just plainly, like your everyday American. And speaking plainly is exactly what the American people will anticipate in the course of this election, but more importantly, they’re going to have a president who tells the American people exactly what’s on his mind. And the American people are going to hear him and hear him loudly.” 

Watch the entire interview below…

Source: Huffington Post

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