When Trump Won The GOP Race, This Reporter Was Forced To Do The UNTHINKABLE…And Now He Has

When Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president last summer, many Americans got on board.

Many more have followed, as polls and voting has shown.

The group that refused to get on board, besides insider Republicans, were mainstream journalists.

Now that Trump has clinched the nomination, many people are trying to go back on their words.

Big boasts from last year have left some “experts” embarrassed. It seems they lack a fundamental understanding of our American citizens, if they couldn’t predict this outcome.

One of the outspoken opponents to Trump was Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank. Back in October he said this:

I’m so certain Trump won’t win the nomination that I’ll eat my words if he does. Literally: The day Trump clinches the nomination I will eat the page on which this column is printed in Sunday’s Post.

I have this confidence for the same reason Romney does: Americans are better than Trump.

Big words from a man who not only insulted Trump, but America in the same sentence.

Instead of acknowledging his mistake and moving on, Milbank decided to turn it into an absurd spectacle.

He hired renowned chef Victor Albisu to cook up dishes that contained his column. And Milbank ate it.

Albisu artfully parodied Trump with his I-Love-Hispanics Taco Bowl with grilled newspaper guacamole and his Chinese ground-newspaper-and-pork dumplings, spicy enough to set off a trade war. Albisu’s grilled-newspaper falafel beats the [expletive] out of all others.

So even when he’s admitting he was wrong, he still has to take cheap shots at Trump. When are elitist journalists going to learn?


They’ve made up their minds about Trump and try to use what little influence they have to attack him.

Okay, Milbank, you ate your words. You did it in the most ridiculous way. But clearly you missed the point. You attacked Trump. You were woefully wrong. You insulted America in the process. And instead of admitting to that fact you used the issue to give yourself more publicity.

Don’t you see why Trump’s won? Despite all the mainstream media tried to do to turn America against him, Trump came out on top. That’s largely due to the fact the people aren’t tuning in anymore.

They don’t need the Washington Post to tell them what to think. More people get their news from Twitter than they do traditional outlets. And guess what? Trump is owning Twitter (over 8 million followers, hello?)

So let traditional media wallow in their growing obscurity. Let them eat their words, literally or figuratively. The future belongs to the people, case closed.

Source: Independent Journal

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