SHOCK POLL: The Military Has Picked It’s Candidate…But It’s NOT Who You Think!

If you’re like me, there are few groups of people that you respect and admire more than our servicemen and women. They are true patriots who do what they do so that we can enjoy the freedom and security that we have.

As active duty members of the military, they are forbidden from engaging in electoral politics. That doesn’t mean that if a pollster calls they are prohibited from offering their personal opinion.

Hillary Clinton is obviously the candidate of the military industrial complex (MIC). She has supported every bad decision, foreign war and government overthrow that the US has undertaken for 20 years. The MIC doesn’t have to go to Libya or Iraq, our sons and daughters do that while the they gets rich off of the carnage.

So you would expect that our soldiers would be more inclined to support Donald Trump, right?

Not so much, as HuffPo reports…

It turns out that they favor neither Democrats nor Republicans. Rather, they lean libertarian. This campaign, a plurality is supporting the least militaristic of the candidates, Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson.


…a July poll found Johnson well ahead of the two major party candidates. Almost 39 percent of active duty members backed him. Just 31 percent supported Donald Trump and only 14 percent were for Hillary Clinton. Johnson carried every service except the Navy.

He enjoyed the biggest margin in the Marines Corps, 44 percent to 27 percent for Trump. Second was the Air Force, 39 percent to 30 percent. Johnson also carried former members of the military and came close among retirees. Clinton typically lagged behind the other two candidates, sometimes receiving barely one-third the share of Johnson’s followers.

Source: HuffPo

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