Millionaires Arrested For Massive WELFARE Scam On American Taxpayers

Some people are just terrible.

Conservative, liberal, whatever they are – some people are awful human beings.

Worse, some people try to masquerade as virtuous. It is one thing to be a bad person, but it is another thing entirely to pretend to be moral even though they are not.

This unfortunate reality was on full display recently in Lakewood, New Jersey, where eight Orthodox Jewish millionaires did the unthinkable.

As reported by US Herald:

Who wants to be a millionaire and collect welfare benefits at the same time?

Eight Lakewood, N.J., residents allegedly wanted to — and they allegedly did or tried to — and now they’re charged with welfare fraud and conspiracy.

The four couples, according to authorities, allegedly claimed thousands in federal Medicaid, housing and food stamp benefits even though they weren’t qualified to under federal income guidelines.

The Ocean County prosecutor’s office said the defendants include Rabbi Zalmen Sorotzkin, 39, of Congregation Lutzk, his wife Tzipporah, 35, Mordechai Breskin, 37, and his wife Jocheved, 35.

 The FBI charged Rachel Sorotzkin, 32, Mordechai Sorotzkin, 35, Yocheved Nussbaum, 40, and Shimon Nussbaum, 42, on federal charges of conspiring to steal federal funds.

This is disgusting.

These people did not need welfare benefits in any way, shape, or form. They were all well-off and more than able to live comfortably on their own, and yet they decided to steal money from the welfare system.

Meanwhile, poor and middle class Americans across the country are struggling. The government keeps taking their earnings through taxes, and though it is hard to get by, these Americans pay their taxes in the hope that they are used for good purposes.

Often, the tax dollars do support good causes: they fund the military, pay for roads, and help provide a safety net for the unemployed.

All this flies out the door when four millionaire couples decide to take those tax dollars for themselves.

Events like these shatter the American people’s trust of the welfare system. They begin to ask reasonable questions: why is the system so easy to cheat? Who is actually getting the money that the government is forcing me to give up?

Sadly, liberals in government have been reluctant to answer such questions.

It seems as though liberals love tax-and-spend policies so much that they would prefer to have an easily defrauded welfare program as long as it means the program is strong.

Legitimate or not, liberals want to see welfare grow every year. Often this involves brushing cases of fraud under the rug.

The government must do something about the amount of fraud in the welfare system. America will never rid itself of its financial problems unless honesty is restored to its programs.

Source: US Herald

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