Party Flippers: Millions Of Voters Are Fleeing Their Party To Vote For 1 Candidate…Guess Who! [WATCH]


To listen to the media, you would think that Hillary Clinton has locked up the Democrat vote and is making significant inroads with independents. You would think that Donald Trump has lost minorities. Latinos and blacks are gone to him.

The problem is that the people making these claims are largely white elites in New York and Washington D.C. who have an agenda and a visceral hatred for Donald Trump. They aren’t looking that the polls, they aren’t talking to voters or reading focus group analysis. They have their entitled gentry liberal perspective and it is confirmed every day by other white gentry liberals in their bubble.

When Donald Trump says we must deport all illegals, the gentry white liberals hears “racism!” But talk to a 3rd generation Tejano and they will pump their fist and tell you that Donald Trump is right on.

When Trump says that black neighborhoods are falling apart and they have nothing to lose by supporting him, the white gentry liberal recoils in horror and runs to CNN to denounce him. The blacks living in that neighborhood hear it and say, “you’re damn right!”

As a result, the white gentry liberals are convinced that Donald Trump will lose massively because they don’t know anyone who supports him. Meanwhile, something amazing is happening in the 99.9% of the country that they white gentry liberals ignore…

Source: World Host Examiner

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