WOW! This Model Has One Candidate WAY Up…Predicted Last FIVE Elections Right!

The polls have been up, down, up again, sideways, and all over the map. It’s hard to trust them when so many are run by the left-wing lamestream media.

So it’s helpful to turn to more scientific models that stake their claim, not on skewing election results, but on their accuracy.  And this guy has been very accurate!

Professor Norpoth has correctly predicted the last 5 popular vote election cycles.  That is unprecedented, and he thinks 2016 is barely even a contest based on his figures.  Watch below the jump.

From Clash Daily:

What do you think would be good ‘Vegas Odds’ on a Trump victory?

Fifty percent? Sixty?

This model projects an 87% likelihood of a Trump win.

This NY Political Science prof has had his last 5 Popular Vote predictions hold up.

Even Lou Dobbs seems unsure whether to take this guy all the way to the bank, but it is another reminder that there are multiple ways of getting a read on the results coming this November.  Everyone needs to see these results—make sure you share them with everyone you know.  There is only one poll that counts, and that’s the one you and I will take part in on November 8th.

Source: Clash Daily

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