SHOCK POLL: 71% Of Democrats Agree…It’s Time For Hillary To…

More news comes out each week regarding the illegal email server Hillary Clinton set up during her time as Secretary of State.

There is more and more evidence she did it knowingly, breaking a litany of laws and jeopardizing the national security of our country.

As the Fed’s draw closer to an indictment, pundits speculate on how the issue will affect the election.

Because, sure, speculation on an election is the most important aspect of a criminal investigation! But let’s just go with it.

Rasmussen Reports conducted a phone and online survey of 1000 people. They found that fifty percent think Clinton should still run for president, despite an indictment.

Among Democratic voters, 71% believe Clinton should keep running, a view shared by only 30% of Republicans and 46% of voters not affiliated with either major party.

Forty percent (40%) of all voters say they are less likely to vote for Clinton because of the e-mail issue, while nearly half (48%) say it will have no impact on their vote. Just eight percent (8%) say the issue makes them more likely to vote for the former first lady.

I don’t know where they got these 1000 people, but I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind thinking a criminal should run for office.

It would make sense if the survey group was predominantly liberal, as the bleeding heart left would support their candidate even if she killed someone.

We need to keep in mind that surveys are limited in their scope. Plus the full brunt of the Federal investigation has yet to be felt. Opinions might change dramatically, should an actual indictment come out. This is all speculation for the time being.

That being said, it’s astonishing to think there are people who would still support Clinton if she were indicted.

What do you think? Should Hillary still run if it’s proven she broke the law? Do you think she’ll bow out of the race or run from behind bars?

Source: Rasmussen Reports


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