WHITEWASH: Shocking Stat Proves MSM In The Tank For Hillary…This Is PATHETIC! [CHART]

It is a sad reality that our supposed “unbiased” news organizations are anything but. In a nation with such open freedoms of speech and press, we are handed news that is so corrupt, so slanted by political interest, most people can’t even trust it.

This becomes all too clear during an election.  At a time when Americans deserve unbiased, honest coverage of the candidates, we are feed a steady stream of deceptive and misleading information. Our news institutions more than slant left, they slide all the way into the Democrat’s pockets.

It wasn’t always this way. There was a time when news reporters considered what they did a calling. They had integrity and wanted to report the news without unbiased and agenda. But in an age of online media and heavy competition, that is all but a memory. News outlets pander to special interests and spin stories to generate buzz and to manipulate the public for their own agenda.

This is especially true of the 2016 elections.

Via News Busters:

Voters who have relied on the network evening newscasts for information about the 2016 presidential candidates saw four times more airtime devoted to controversies involving presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump than to the scandals surrounding his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Nearly half of that airtime (1,068 minutes) was spent talking about Donald Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee, compared to 583 minutes of coverage for Hillary Clinton. Clinton’s rival for the Democratic nomination, Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders, came in third, with 366 minutes of coverage, more than any of Trump’s GOP rivals.


The biased is almost laughable, if it weren’t so disgusting and un-American. Your local news outlets are so pathetically one-sided, they magnify anything that resembled a Trump controversy, while conveniently ignoring the gross crimes committed by Hillary Clinton.

We Bible thumpers have a saying for this: “they strain out a fly while swallowing a camel.” Your news programs are practically manufacturing stories to attack Trump, but gloss over Clinton’s email scandal, the money she’s taken from special interests (and terrorist-supporting countries), and the disgraceful acts as SoS including the disaster that was Benghazi.

Now, we know our intrepid readers aren’t so easily swayed by the liberal media. You probably get your news from a variety of online sources and can form your own opinion. But what about your neighbors and family members, who get their “facts” from the evening news? They are being feed a trough of lies.

Be sure to let them know about the media’s biased and point them in the right direction.

Source: News Busters

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