MSNBC Attacks Trump For ‘White Trash Trucks’—What’s Inside Has Them Eating Their Words

We all know that MSNBC is biased in its political coverage. That’s not a stunning revelation, but it does make it laughable when the network portrays itself as doing some kind of service for American voters.

In a perfect world, reporters report the facts, while opinion commentators break things down and provide analysis. That’s the way it should work, but the lines are completely nonexistent at MSNBC.

Reporters at the network do actually report things, but it’s reported from the preferred narrative of the network. That’s an incredibly slippery slope to navigate, and it leads to only half of the story being told.   

Network personalities continue to cross the line into preaching as opposed to reporting, and they’re none too shy about taking shots at those that see things differently.

Twitchy passes along one of the latest examples of that.   

A not-so-subtle dig at Trump supporters via MSNBC’s Tom Roberts:

Many supporters of the liberal narrative quickly read between the lines to praise the frustrated comedy writer’s contribution to society.


The yuk-fest continued on social media for a bit, and Roberts scored some points with those that reside in the liberal echo chamber.

All in a day’s work for a ‘reporter’ at MSNBC.

What are the trucks there for? Protection against terror attacks.  What are they filled with? Sand.

Maybe behind closed doors MSNBC doesn’t want the President protected during this volatile time.

Would this ever happen to a president other than Trump?

We think not. Calling out the commander-in-chief when he makes a mistake is perfectly fine. The press should be holding elected officials accountable.

Expanding on that, positive things that the president accomplishes shouldn’t be taboo topics.  

They are over at MSNBC, and Trump and his administration are portrayed as doing absolutely nothing right.

That’s a virtual impossibility, but it doesn’t stop MSNBC from spinning its web.

By extension, the network has become emboldened enough to consistently insult Trump supporters. Do they really think this will lead to Trump supporters suddenly seeing things their way?

If the only people listening to and agreeing with your argument reside in the same bubble, you’re really not making a difference at all.

MSNBC thinks that it is for some reason, and that’s nearly as stunning as the declining journalistic standards we’ve all played witness to.

Source: Twitchy

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