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An ugly reality in the world today is the constant threat of radical Islamic terror.

Each week it seems a new target of their violence suffers death and destruction. No city, no country is safe from their vicious and despicable attacks. Governments are scrambling to take measures to ensure these attacks are put to an end.

While I believe the only sure way to end ISIS’s reign of terror is to take the fight to them, others don’t agree. GOP candidate Donald Trump, for a long time, had what was considered the most extreme measures. He wants to build a wall across the Mexican-US border, a vulnerable spot for terrorists. He also wants to temporarily ban Muslim immigrants from Middle Eastern countries.

That all sounds pretty bold, but for now it’s only suggestions from a candidate running for president and won’t be enacted unless he’s elected. But there are current government leaders who have taken measures that sound just as extreme.

From The Independent:

Japan’s Supreme Court has upheld the government’s blanket surveillance of the country’s Muslim community.

The court struck down the second appeal by Japanese Muslim plaintiffs against what they perceive as an unconstitutional invasion of their privacy and freedom of religion.

A 2010 leak of 114 police files revealed nationwide surveillance of Japanese Muslims. The files revealed that Muslim places of worship, halal restaurants and Islam-related organizations across the capital, Tokyo, were being monitored.

To some of you this sounds like a reasonable measure to prevent terrorist attacks (so far Japan has been spared Islamic terrorism as of late). But in truth this is a vile invasion of privacy and an infringement on Japanese citizens’ freedom of religion.

But that is the terrible choice we face. Islamic terrorists have created this situation. In order to fight this form of destructive evil, do we have to give up some of our rights? Isn’t there a way to fight terrorism without treating law-abiding citizens as criminals?

Edward Snowden, known critic of government surveillance, has this to say about the situation:

Speaking at a Tokyo symposium on government surveillance via weblink, NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden said: “People of the Islamic faith are more likely to be targeted… despite not having any criminal activities or associations or anything like that in their background, simply because people are afraid.”

This is the ultimate evil of terrorism: a denial of freedoms on the part of real citizens. The terrorist want us to live in constant fear, so that we willfully deprive ourselves of fundamental rights. As Ben Franklin said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

The only way we will be free and safe is when we bring ISIS and anyone like them, to justice.

Source: The Independent

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