What This Muslim Illegal Did To Children Is SICK…Proves Trump Is Right!

Many who oppose Donald Trump’s proposed ban on Muslim immigration to the U.S. often point to statistics showing that the odds of being a victim of Islamic terrorism are very low.

This is true. However, there are other things to fear from an influx of immigrants from any culture whose values clash with our own.

In many Muslim majority countries, for example, women and gays are frequently killed on a whim. Drinking alcohol, owning dogs, eating pork and lending money at interest violate Islamic law, and when they move to Western countries, many Muslims try to impose these values on their host countries.

And in places like Afghanistan, pedophilia is considered normal; in fact, with U.S. troops tried to report the widespread child abuse they saw, they were disciplined by their commanders, as even the New York Times reported.

All these anti-Western values will erode any society, and arguably do more damage than any bomb. Here is just one story about the toxic impact one Muslim immigrant has had on his new community:

After arriving in the UK as a migrant, [Abdi] Waise decided to pass the time while living off of the glorious benefits London offers by kidnapping a young woman and brutally raping her in 2008. After serving just 7 years in prison, Waise got out of being deported by appealing on the grounds that it would violate his human rights. With that, he was back on the streets in January, planning his next move.

Daily Mail reports that only 3 weeks after the convicted rapist was released on license this year, he kidnapped a little girl and attempted to abduct many others. Perhaps the most disturbing thing about the abduction was the way he targeted these little girls. (…)

Waise reportedly offered young boys $26 if they could get any of the girls to take liquid isopropyl nitrate, also known as poppers. He told the boys that the concoction, which is sometimes used as a date rape drug, would make the girls faint, and he added, “If you give it to girls you can do what you want to them.”

This report goes on to list all of Waise’s (known) offenses. It would be revealing to calculate how much money he has already cost English taxpayers, in terms of housing, health care, and stress on the legal system.

What can’t be calculated is the harm he’s done to his young victims, and to the community at large, by increasing the level of mistrust, anger and resentment.

And remember: He’s just one man.

Source: Mad World News

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