What Muslim Immigrants Are Forcing On Christians Is Sick…Now Germans Are Fighting Back

It is a well-known fact that Europe has an Islam problem.

But not all of the costs of the invasion have been as apparent as others.

One problem that is only now coming to light is the price that Christians in Europe are being forced to pay for the politically correct madness that has overtaken common sense on much of the continent.

Now it is being reported that there are widespread problems in Germany with Christian asylum seekers being forced to partake in Islamic prayer services. According to Breitbart…

At the moment, there are over a million refugees and migrants in Germany, most of who are Muslims. A new report was released last week with the title “Religiously motivated attacks on Christian refugees in Germany.”

It was composed by a humanitarian relief organization by the name of Open Doors and talks in depth about how there has been a lot of escalating violence and aggression directed towards Christians in refugee centers.

Those who have been receiving the worst of it are those Christians who had converted from Islam. In the eyes of a Muslim, they are viewed as being apostates.

Thomas Muller, an Open Doors persecution analyst, said that “Christian refugees—especially those who are converts to the Christian faith—live in fear of persecution from Muslim refugees who make up the majority of residents in the refugee hostels set up throughout Europe.”

The study found that fully half of the 231 Christian migrants interviewed over the last two months said they had been “bullied” by Muslims in refugee camps or reception centers, and also claimed that Muslim migrants were forcing Christians to take part in Islamic prayers.

There were protests taking place in Berlin, with one Protestant minister making further claims about this worrying trend and pointing out that the majority of these migrants were from Iran and Afghanistan.

As a result of their findings, Open Doors is appealing to German authorities to keep non-Muslims in separate centers to ensure their safety. The Christian migrants interviewed said that they had suffered abuse both from fellow refugees and from hostel security staff, and some 75% stated that this had happened repeatedly.

These people are too frightened to report a lot of the incidents that occur, as they don’t want to deal with the resulting consequences such as retaliation against their family members that are still living in Islamic states.

Source: Breitbart

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