Muslim ‘Refugees’ Molest Two Girls, But A SURPRISE Was Waiting For Them Around The Corner

Two young girls narrowly escaped being raped by two Muslim refugees recently outside a grocery store in Finland.

The two assailants of Middle Eastern descent had been stalking the girls and lay in wait outside the store. Immediately upon leaving the grocery store the young ladies were attacked by the would-be rapists who began groping and harassing the frightened youth.

Fortunately for the girls, their screams were heard by a pair of self appointed community watchmen belonging to the group known as Soldiers of Odin.

They rushed to the rescue of the children, wrestling the perpetrators to the ground and detaining them until the police arrived. The young girls were very lucky the SOD were within earshot and heard their screams for help.

The Soldiers of Odin is an international street patrol that came together out of the necessity to protect European citizens from roving Muslim rape gangs. The problem has reached epidemic proportions since the recent flood of refugees began pouring in from Syria.

Soldiers of Odin

In the wake of the highly publicized mass gang rape fest in Germany on New Years, some European lawmakers are implementing sex education into mandatory language classes for the hordes of Muslim refugees.

A story in Town Hall sums it up nicely: If you have to educate an entire influx of Muslim men about how rape is wrong, you probably shouldn’t be letting them into your country.

Mad World News reports:

Like Pegida and many other anti-Islam groups, the Soldiers of Odin have often been scrutinized by leftist propaganda media. The overall agenda of the now international anti-illegal immigration organization is merely to provide necessary security to local neighborhoods.

Founded in October 2015, the group already boasts over 600 members in 25 sects across Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Estonia, the UK, and even the U.S. Finland’s cell is currently represented by Pegida activist Ronny Alte, former leader of the Norwegian Defence League.

Because of leftist policies and pro-open borders support, Europe is becoming a melting pot of toxic cultural conflict. Under the guise of multiculturalism, the continent has welcomed in an ideology that requires the overthrow of democracy for Sharia law.

As is consistent in every nation that’s opened its doors to a flood of Muslim asylum seekers, rape continues to be the favored means of forcing Westerners into submission. Since implementing liberal migration policies, Sweden has seen a 1,472-percent increase in rape and violent crime has risen by 300 percent. Sweden is now number two in rape only to Lesotho, a South African country plagued by sexual assault.

It’s unfathomable here in the United States or anywhere for that matter, where the love of decency abides, that any culture or especially any religion could possibly condone the rape of women and children as an acceptable pastime.

Yet here we are, watching Obama import these refugees into America and distributing them throughout the country on the taxpayer’s dime. How long will it be before the rape fest begins here?

American Soldiers serving in Afghanistan have been ordered to ignore the rape of young children, mostly young boys by the Afghan allies citing, “it’s their culture.” Charles Martland, formerly a Green Beret disobeyed the order and rescued a young boy who was being raped by an Afghan commander, for his heroism Martland was discharged from the service.

It begs the question, if the Soldiers of Odin had been good Samaritans on the street in an American city, who would be prosecuted?

Source: Mad World News

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