EXPOSED! The Sick Truth About Muslim ‘Selfie’ Girl…Media HUMILIATED Again!

The situation over in Europe is far from getting better.

As the danger of Muslim refugees increases, native Europeans are demanding for change. They are petitioning their leaders to take a stand in the interest of their own people.

As the movements grow, there of course is the ignorant backlash coming from liberal media.

It seems the leftists don’t really care about the safety and security of everyday citizens. They want to look like social justice warriors, helping out the “little guys,” in this fight.

The “little guys” of course being radical Muslim terrorists who would kill them if they had the chance.

The latest poster child for their foolish campaign is Zakia Belkhiri, a 22 year old Muslim living in Belgium. At a recent protest she took a selfie, ironically showing the “peace” sign.

The liberal media around the world championed this viral piece of nonsense, in an effort to discredit those who want to protect their families and homes.

But it seems Ms. Belkhiri isn’t the saint the media wishes she was, as evidence from her social media history exposes her as an anti-Semitic racist.

From Breitbart:

A Muslim girl who took a “defiant” selfie at an anti-Islam protest in Belgium allegedly posted anti-Semitic comments on her Twitter, Facebook, and accounts, according to a Belgian former soldier and a leading Dutch website.

[W]eb sleuths have now claimed that Ms. Belkhiri’s “peace sign” in the picture is perhaps out of character for her. They claim she tweeted in 2012: “Hitler didn’t kill all the jews, he left some. So we [would] know why he was killing them”.  

Even though there are ample screenshots of her comments, she claims they are photoshopped. Yet that doesn’t explain the other racists things she’s said.

But social media users are also claiming her account allegedly read: “[expletive] that Jewish language” when she was asked if she wanted to learn Hebrew while critics claim her Facebook account expressed her hatred for Jews.

Sorry, Belkhiri, the Internet has a long memory. You can’t scrub away your hate so easily.

This embarrassing situation has left leading liberal media outlets confused and shocked. Maybe they should stick to reporting the news, instead of supporting hate.

For a list of the idiot outlets you should not support here’s this:

The initial story was lauded by Buzzfeed, whose writers called Ms. Belkhiri an “inspiration”, and by the BBC, the Telegraph, the Huffington Post, Vox, Mashable, Mic, and hundreds of other websites around the world.

You see outlets like HuffPo don’t care about the safety of Europeans, or Americans for that matter. They don’t even care about whether or not Ms. Belkhiri is an anti-Semite. They just want to push their agenda of protecting radical Muslims over everyday citizens.

They want to look like the heroes in a warped, revisionist view of the world. But groups like them always fail.

Ms. Belkhiri claims she doesn’t want fame, despite taking a selfie in public and posting it online. While she had 15 minutes of positive fame, she sung a different tune.

Dutch website Geenstijl had this to say about her:

“Do you remember? The Muslim girl… what a mischievous opposition, when this innocent girl clearly demonstrated of all that white fascism.

“Unfortunately, she proved no exception, she proved the rule. She is the rule. The rabidly hating Jews rule where the average Muslim is concerned… The Internet does not forget. And screenshots are eternal. Oh yeah Zakia, you want fame? Enjoy it girl. We’ll keep an eye on you.”

Source: Breitbart

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