Muslim Shoves Jewish Woman Out A Window, Cries ‘Allahu Akbar’…Guess What Authorities Won’t Call It?

The once-great nation of France is falling apart in front of our eyes.

Years of terrible public policy, including open borders for Islamic migrants, has made life in France more dangerous than it has been in recent years.

This fact is particularly true for Jewish French people, as they have been on the receiving end of much of the Muslim hatred.

Not shockingly, France’s leftist government has done nothing to help the Jews.

Recently, a young Muslim man murdered his elderly Jewish neighbor by throwing her out of a window. Nevertheless, French police and media neglect to call the attack an antisemitic hate crime.

As reported by The Daily Wire:

French police are refusing to call a self-evidently anti-Jewish attack a hate crime, raising questions about France’s disturbing tolerance of Muslim violence. Indeed, the French media appears complicit in a coordinated campaign to downplay the anti-Semitic hallmarks of an April 4 attack, in which a young Muslim man, praising Allah, threw an elderly Jewish woman out of her apartment window.

All evidence points to the fact that Halimi’s brutal murder was motivated by Islamist-inspired anti-Semitism. This was a hate crime against Jews, pure and simple. But French authorities have shied away from labeling the crime as such.

For how much longer will the French government pander to Muslims and ignore its Jews?

French Jews, along with devout French Christians, have been besieged by radical Muslim immigrants ever since the government decided to let them in en masse.

One would think that the French government would want to protect its citizens and would realize that they need to be more selective regarding immigration.

Instead, the French government has turned a blind eye to the issue. Jews are left with only two choices: stay and be unsafe, or leave France.

Obviously Jews are choosing to leave France. Record numbers of French Jews are moving to Israel and the United States, and the vast majority of them openly say it is because of the rabidly antisemitic atmosphere brought to France by Muslim immigrants.

It honestly seems like the French government wants the Jews to leave.

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Otherwise, how can one explain its willful ignorance towards Muslim hate crimes?

France, along with many other European nations, has destroyed itself and its ancient culture in the name of “equality” and “progressivism.”

That is exactly what the Left does: it pushes self-destructive policies simply because they make people feel good about themselves. The Left has no regard for culture, history, or values.

France needs to realize soon that it cannot afford to lose its Jewish population. Worse, it cannot afford to lose its vibrant culture and robust history.

France has been a symbol of the West for hundreds of years. Nowadays, it is still a symbol of the West: it represents the Left’s accommodation of Islam and how that has affected formerly moral societies.

Source: The Daily Wire

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