Muslim Welfare Queen Tried To Play The System…And Got Exactly What She Deserved!

We all know that the welfare system is out of whack. It rewards laziness and sloth while punishing hard work and thrift.

It steals people’s initiative and makes them wards of the states, even if they are abusing the system so much that they are enjoying a lavish lifestyle at the expense of the taxpayers.

IN Britain, a welfare abuser has scammed her way to more than $72,000 worth of benefits.

This woman claimed that her only access to food was through the basic meals offered by her mosque.

After she started posting extravagant photos on her Facebook, the authorities immediately cut all of her benefits and she was sentenced to a three year term in prison.

The woman was named as Carina Reid and she may be a familiar face as she has appeared in advertisements for Porsche and openings for certain stores over the years. She wanted to portray how she fell from riches to rags so she could claim all of these welfare benefits.

The model is 32 years old and lives in the UK where she scammed her way to more than $72,000 in fraudulent benefits. This supported an extravagant lifestyle where she traveled worldwide. This all managed to catch up with her and now she is paying the price.

It was reported by the Daily Mail that after posting pictures of herself in exotic places like Cannes, Ibiza and Dubai, she was caught by authorities and sent to prison for three years.

It was found that she had a total of 19 bank accounts, which held a total of $260,000.

While she claimed that she had little or no access to food, she would regularly post photos of her eating at lavish restaurants. It was obvious that she wasn’t living a destitute lifestyle, as she was regularly on vacation and lounging out by the pool.

It was the Isleworth Crown Court that prosecuted her after she had been taking advantage of benefits provided by the Kensington and Chelsea Council throughout 2009, citing her struggling boutique as the reason. This was despite her staying at 5 star hotels and drinking champagne in Harrods.

“It’s a shock,” one of Reid’s neighbors on King’s Road explained. “We barely saw her because of her jetset lifestyle. She was always partying and just gave the impression of being very successful.”

She is yet to repay any of the money she fraudulently stole and she still has not apologized for what she has done. She claims that these trips were paid for by male friends and some of the other costs were business expenses. She also claimed that she pays her taxes like everyone else.

She is not the only person who has managed to scam the welfare system to line their own pockets. In the U.S. some states are bringing in laws whereby you have to work or volunteer for at least 20 hours per week if you are going to claim any benefits. Any step that is taken to rid the system of these welfare leeches is welcome.

Source: Mad World News

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