Nancy Pelosi Cracks Up Halfway Through Anti-Trump Rant On Live TV

Those that follow politics with regularity know that the same talking points are used over and over. When those talking points are delivered effectively, they can stick in the minds of voters and influence their feelings tremendously.

The same holds true in the opposite fashion. Talking points that are delivered like a hot mess can really stick in the minds of voters. That can lead those voters to believe the talking points being delivered are little more than poppycock.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has really been struggling at the microphone of late, but her latest foray into public speaking may have been her worst one yet.

The Daily Wire has a play-by-play of her verbal foibles.

Pelosi slammed the “actions of the Trump administration as relation — related to the rule of the law,” continuing, “The Trump administration and the Trump family have pa— eagerly ex— uh, intended to collude with a hostile foreign policy (sic).”

More: “Members of Congress take a sa— sacred oath.”

And more egregiously, “What do the Russians have politically, financially, uh, uh, or — and any — personally on Donald Trump that he fawns over Putin, uh, questions sanctions, uh —”

Yet again, “Uh — is — reckless when it comes to Article V.”

If you’re wondering what the hell she was trying to say, you’re not alone. Pelosi has taken the craft of misspeaking and elevated it into an art form.

Then, this: “Today we are announcing a new coo-nated effort to force votes to get answers for the American people.”

And this:  “We will force Republicans to take votes on the record to continue, uh, from, from hiding the facts from the American people.”

Finally: “House Republicans will have to ask for their actions and one of the questions they will have — some of the questions they will have to answer will be posed by our colleagues …”

In the wake of the Georgia special election that didn’t go the Democrats way – in spite of their insistence that it would – there were a number of calls that the time had come for Pelosi to step aside.

Based on her never-ending stream of mental hiccups, those calls should’ve been elevated into roars by now. Selfishly, we’ll hope that she continues to be given free rein to drop her brand of knowledge on the masses.

Is it time for Democrats to put their leader out to pasture? Or is it better for Republicans to keep her leading their flailing party? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: The Daily Wire

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