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Judge Napolitano SHREDS Fox’s Pink Slip, Then Makes Jaw-Dropping SCOTUS Announcement—WHOA!
By Kay Johnson|March 27, 2017

Judge Andrew Napolitano has a very loyal following of libertarian minded individuals who value his Constitutional insight on the news of the day.

His Facebook and Twitter page combined have over a million subscribers, while his books have graced the New York Times Best-Seller list. Napolitano has even succeeded in reaching across the aisle, appearing on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show on numerous occasions.

But the outspoken and colorful judge has been the subject of intense scrutiny over at Fox News as of late. It’s somewhat difficult in today’s tense political climate to get the full story on any given situation, and Napolitano’s recent scandal is no different.

From Independent Journal Review:

Napolitano, who often appears on Fox News as a judicial analyst, suggested on several occasions that British intelligence was part of the alleged surveillance of the president during the campaign and the transition — something that sources in the UK categorically denied.

Shortly thereafter, the rumors began to swirl — multiple sources claimed that Napolitano had been suspended from Fox News. Then Napolitano brought the network into it, saying that he had gotten the information from a source inside the network.

While it’s unclear what Napolitano’s exact fate is, many are saying he’s been suspended from the network. Yet that knowledge hasn’t kept Napolitano down. In fact, he’s claiming to have something even larger in the works.

Despite the fact that Gorsuch is currently undergoing nomination hearings to be the next Supreme Court Justice, Napolitano reportedly told a colleague that President Trump also wants him to have a seat if he is able to “get another one.”

Other dispute this, including a source close to the White House who stated that Trump already has a list of people in mind that he would tap for the Supreme Court, and Napolitano is not on it.

Napolitano has proven he should be on the SCOUTS list by repeatedly using his platform to show his loyalty to the Trump administration.

He defended Michael Flynn when the Democrats began their witch hunt to demonize him, and warned the president that forces are trying to harm his presidency.

When Justice Scalia passed, many favored the idea of Judge Napolitano replacing him extremely. Hopefully Trump will keep that knowledge in mind should we be lucky enough to have him appoint multiple Justices during his presidency.

Source: Independent Journal Review

Kay Johnson
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