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President Trump Revives NASA And Reveals Their “Very Near Future” Destination
By Steve Edwards|March 9, 2018
President Trump Revives NASA And Reveals Their “Very Near Future” Destination

As he’s demonstrated time and again since entering office, President Donald Trump has zero reservations about calling his shot and spurring others to deliver while doing so.

Each and every time he does so, those with Trump Derangement Syndrome cackle incessantly about how it will never happen. And then it does.

He’s just done it again by calling attention to some ambitious goals in a galaxy far, far away.

The Daily Caller has the news.

President Donald Trump announced during a Thursday cabinet meeting that NASA is “bringing back that whole space flight” program and would be sending “something very beautiful to Mars in the very near future.”

Before pivoting to Mars, POTUS praised the recent work of Elon Musk and SpaceX on the Falcon rocket program.

“Before me are some rocket ships. You haven’t seen that from this country in a long time,” Trump stated. “Many of the jobs we’re doing, Mike Pence is the chairman, many of these jobs we are doing are privately financed. We’re letting them use the Kennedy Space Center for a fee.”

“Rich guys, they love rocket ships. And that’s good. That’s better than us paying for it. And I notice the prices of the last one, they said it cost $80 million. If the government did it, the same thing would’ve cost probably 40, 50 times that amount of money.”

While the Left completely abhors anything Trump has to say, his matter of fact commentary has a way of inspiring accomplishments.

By noting the success of the ‘rich guys,’ he’s making it clear to NASA that something isn’t adding up when it comes to the costliness of space programs.

You can color us less than surprised if that results in a more streamlined program that delivers impressive results while more attention is paid to the costs involved.

“At the same time, NASA is very much involved in doing their own projects,” he continued.

“We’re bringing that whole space flight back. We’ll be sending something very beautiful to Mars in the very near future. We’re going to areas that nobody thought possible, certainly not this quickly, so we’re very proud.”

After years of being brushed aside as insignificant, we would imagine NASA is feeling quite proud at the moment as well.

The commander-in-chief is on board for some exciting goals to be reached. However, that comes with the caveat that NASA has a benchmark in place, thanks to the so-called rich guys that make things happen much cheaper.

That’s another sign of a great leader, and we can all excitedly wait for the day that NASA makes it to Mars.

Source: Daily Caller

Steve Edwards
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