After National Party Leader Makes Stunning Trump Admission, Democrats Are In Full Meltdown!

A Trump administration has sent the Democrats into a near meltdown as they try to come up with some kind of plan to oppose him.  They know his first 100 days will be the toughest for them because that is when he will begin implementing the changes he promised during the campaign and they must try and discredit his policies early on.

At this point, the Democrats are trying to figure out who will fill Obama’s shoes as the next party leader and are fearful they won’t be able to present any kind of unified resistance to the Trump train as he unfolds his big plans to undo the past 8 years of Obama’s failed policies.

Politico pointed out:

Their worst nightmare is that Trump, ever the showman, will define his opening act with little unified resistance.

“It’s a very serious concern. I just went on TV twice today on Fox and MSNBC on the Cabinet appointments and I winged it,” said Bill Richardson, the former New Mexico governor and 2008 presidential candidate. “You need something right now. Trump every day is doing something outrageous. What do we do? Criticize everything he does? Hold back a bit? I know we need to develop an economic message, but that’s long term. We need something now. Most of the Democrats I talk to are down, and they’re asking who’s in charge.”

Apparently, the Democrats are so desperate: “…senior senators have even taken to blindly calling advocacy groups in town, asking where they can find relevant opposition research against Trump’s Cabinet picks.”

The whole Democrat response to Trump’s presidency seems to be about objecting to and discrediting literally everything he does and says because the issue for them is returning to power and not trying to help him make America better. They just want the power and control over the nation’s people and wealth.

DNC Vice Chairman R.T. Rybak revealed:

Since Trump was elected, the DNC’s opposition research department has been working overtime, while the communications staff has cranked out a nonstop stream of pro-Obama and anti-Trump news releases. Party officials have also been in touch with Senate and House leadership communications and research teams to work out the plan moving forward, particularly as Trump seeks to confirm his Cabinet picks.

It’s plainly obvious the Democrats are positioning themselves to derail the Trump presidency at every turn and ‘The Donald” will have his hands full for sure. We will have to keep informed so that we can see through and respond intelligently to their accusations and dirty tricks!

Source: Politico

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