National Poll SHOCKER…One Candidate Is Making A Move, But Not Who You Think!

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been battling it out in the polls for months.  The Donald has been steadily gaining on Hillary since she clinched the nomination as it becomes clearer to all Americans that only one of them is competent and honest.  Even so, it is going to be a hard-fought battle to the bitter end.

NBC News is one of the more liberal polling agencies, so when they released the following numbers this morning, one campaign has got to be concerned.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are virtually tied in the polls as the Republican National Convention convenes in Cleveland this week. Clinton now just barely edges out Trump in a direct head-to-head match-up, 46 percent to 45 percent. This is slightly down from the 3-point lead she held in last week’s tracking poll numbers.

It gets even worse for Hillary once you consider that this is not just a ‘two-man’ race.  NBC went on to examine the numbers when including the other major candidates:

The contest is also competitive in a four-way general election scenario between Clinton (39 percent), Trump (40 percent), Libertarian Gary Johnson (10 percent) and Green Party candidate Jill Stein (5 percent).

If even the far left polling agencies can’t give Hillary good news, this may be the beginning of the end for her as Trump keeps trending higher.  Good luck sleeping tonight, Hillary.

Source: NBC News

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