BAM! New National Poll Is Great News (Mostly) For Donald Trump—Crushing It, But…

It is a good day to be Donald Trump.

Despite over $70 million in negative ads, several unforced errors, and a significant loss of delegates in recent days, a new CBS News poll has got to have The Donald smiling.

That is because he still enjoys a 13 point lead over his nearest rival, Texas senator Ted Cruz.

From CBS…

Nationally, Donald Trump still has a double digit lead over his nearest competitor Ted Cruz, but his margin over Cruz has decreased. Now, 42 percent of Republican primary voters nationally would like to see Donald Trump as the Republican Party’s nominee, while 29 percent support Ted Cruz, and 18 percent back John Kasich.

And therein lies the warning. CBS continues…

Last month, Trump’s lead over Cruz was 20 points, but now it’s dropped to 13 points. Trump’s margin against Cruz has tightened among men, very conservative voters and those with incomes over $50,000.

One final note, the poll also finds that if Kasich drops out, Trumps lead shrinks even further, to only a 10 point gap although three out of four Republicans still believe that ultimately Trump will be the nominee.

Source: CBS News

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