SHOCK POLL: New National Poll Raises YUGE Questions…Trend or Outlier?

The national polling of the head to head race between Trump and Clinton has not been kind to the presumptive GOP nominee.

Over the last year, over 95% of national polls have shown Hillary beating the real estate mogul.

In recent days, three polls have given pro-Trump forces reason to hope. One showed Trump within three, one showed a tie and one showed Trump up by one.

Then came this morning and the new CNN/ORC poll.

The new CNN/ORC Poll, completed ahead of Trump’s victory last night, found Clinton leads 54% to 41%, a 13-point edge over the New York businessman, her largest lead since last July.
Not that it is all bad news for Trump. On the essential question of the economy, he fairs better.
Clinton is also more trusted than Trump on many issues voters rank as critically important, with one big exception. By a 50% to 45% margin, voters say Trump would do a better job handling the economy than Clinton would.

Source: CNN

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