BREAKING: Stunning National Poll No One Expected…Except Donald Trump

For months, Donald Trump has been promising that once the primary was over, he would turn his guns on Hillary Clinton and her sizable polling advantage would disappear.

This claim was met with incredulity by many on the left and right.

But as has been the case so many times this election season, Trump was right and the so-called experts were wrong.

Conservative Tribune has the story…

“In the most recent survey, 41 percent of likely voters supported Clinton, the Democratic front-runner, and 40 percent backed Trump, with 19 percent not decided on either yet, according to the online poll of 1,289 people conducted from Friday to Tuesday. The poll had a credibility interval of about 3 percentage points.”

The results of this poll have been a blow to liberals who are now worried about the possibility of Trump becoming president.

A lot of this increase in support for the billionaire comes after his Republican opponents Senator Ted Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich both dropped out of the race. This left Trump to be the presumptive presidential nominee for the Republicans.

He had previously lagged behind Clinton in the polls by 13 points, so it is quite a turnaround.

This demonstrates how the Republican Party is beginning to rally together and show their support for their nominee. A poll produced by Quinnipiac University from earlier on in the week demonstrated that in the key swing states of Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio, Trump and Clinton are in a statistical tie.

This presidential race that is going to be very close. Only a few months ago people didn’t think that Trump had any chance, but it seems more likely by the day.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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