HUMILIATING: GOP Senator Who Opposed Donald Trump has Been SLAPPED DOWN Hard!

Despite Trump’s momentum, there are still Republicans championing the #NeverTrump flag.

It seems they refuse to support the New York businessman, even if that means giving the election to Hillary Clinton.

The latest news comes out of Nebraska, on the heels of their convention.

The state’s junior senator has led the #nevertrump movement.  The established GOP, however, is not happy.

From The Gateway Pundit:

Republican Sam Fischer introduced a resolution to reprimand Senator Ben Sasse for his outspoken attacks on Republican nominee Donald Trump and for leading the anti-Trump movement.

Sasse, a Republican, is the top Republican office holder pushing for a third party run this fall against Donald Trump.

Third party candidates have zero chance at winning the election and only serve to steal votes away from more viable candidates.

So basically, Sasse is spending time and money to help Hillary Clinton win the election.

The resolution to officially reprimand the senator was passed by a whopping 400 to 8.

That’s a clear sign that Nebraska Republicans are supporting Trump and those who refuse will be exposed for what they are. News broke out across Twitter and other channels, making Sasse out to be in the bag for Clinton.

It’s an ugly reality, but if you claim to be in support of a political party, you need to do what’s best for its cause. Openly defying the front runner of the GOP will only hurt yourself, Sasse. It’s time to get on board or jump sides.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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