#NeverTrump Dead Ender Messes With The Wrong Guy…Gets Slapped Down Hard [EPIC]

It’s clear the GOP primaries are over.

Trump beat every opponent fair and square. Despite the questionable tactics of his rivals and the Establishment, he clinched the nomination.

He came from behind, an outsider with no political experience, to beat seasoned politicians. This was largely due to his appeal to the American people and a refusal to play the Washington game.

Of course there are still Republicans who are opposed to the businessman’s campaign. Even though their favorite candidates crashed and burned, never having the clout to convince the American people, they stick to their guns, insisting Trump is bad for the country.

These Never Trumpers even insist Hillary Clinton is better for the country than Trump. That’s right, so called Republicans are spouting liberal dogma.

Fox News recently had Tim Miller, former Jeb Bush crony, on to talk about Trump’s campaign. What he says is simply astounding. Aside from bashing host Eric Bolling, he claims Clinton would be a better president than Republican Trump.

The back and forth gets heated, as the angry young Miller continues to blast Bolling. Bolling has no choice but to interrupt him, asserting that he is just reporting the news. During his diatribe against the Republican candidate, Miller quotes Alexander Hamilton, a figure known for big government, to defend his stance.

It’s remarkable to see how far Miller will go to sabotage the election. He claims he is standing up for his principles, but to what end? With Trump the only viable conservative candidate, what does Miller expect to happen? His anti-Trump rhetoric only serves to help his greatest rival: Hillary Clinton.

Watch the full video below:

Source: Mediaite

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