WOW: #NeverTrump Leader Just Blew Donald’s Mind…Jumps On The Trump Train!

As much as we would like to say all opposition has melted away, there are still some conservatives out there who can’t get over themselves and stand in opposition to Hillary Clinton.

So when an ardent #NeverTrumper lets down his guard, sees the reality and lays out an argument for anyone else left on the fence, it is worth cheering.  When he’s an eloquent author that millions of conservatives have on their bookshelves, that is even better.

This is yet another domino to fall, and a major one, that lines up the support Trump needs to win in November.  On HotAir, this celebrity author wrote an editorial explaining his change of heart:

Hot Air is pleased to present a guest post from acclaimed author Brad Thor, a friend of the site and an active conservative voice in social media. Brad has been a vocal advocate of the #NeverTrump movement, but has recently reconsidered his position, as he explains below…

Yesterday, Dr. Hewitt tried (yet again) to help guide America to the best (and only) option available to us. I lost a lot of sleep last night reading and then re-reading his words. I awoke this morning with a more nuanced view.

Drug #1 will kill us – no question. Drug #2 might kill us, but it also might:

A) Slow the cancer, or even

B) Cure the cancer

It’s a lot to hope for, I know, but hope is all we have left. We have exhausted every other avenue. Make no mistake – I believe one hundred percent in standing on principle. Principle, in this case though, will not cure cancer.

Sure, we would love a more full-throated endorsement from Thor, but he has made one of the clearest arguments for those who are still having trouble: Hillary will kill this nation.  Her temperament and her policies are the drug that makes the cancer worse, not better.  People need to see that there is clearly a better choice.

Source: HotAir

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