WHOA! #NeverTrump Leader Shocks World With Prediction…And Even Donald APPROVES!

A political bomb was dropped on liberal Democrats this weekend by Wikileaks, and the shock wave is being felt and acknowledged by all.

And by all, I am including Trump’s sworn enemies.

#NeverTrump has fizzled post-convention since they did not have their way on the floor.  Their leaders are continuing to speak out against Donald Trump, but now there is a huge chink in their armor.

Erick Erickson is one of #NeverTrump’s leaders as the former editor of RedState and founder of the website The Resurgent.  He vehemently writes against Donald, but even he is seeing the writing on the wall.  Directly from his site, in Erick’s own words, he reports:

I now believe Donald Trump is on track to win the Presidency.

I have said repeatedly, over and over, ad nauseum that I do not believe Donald Trump will win the Presidency. Yes, it has always been possible, but it has been very, very improbable that this would happen. I have also said repeatedly that events can change things. And events are now changing things rapidly.

Indeed, Erickson was doubtful of Donald’s abilities as a candidate and far more confident in the political maneuvering of Hillary Clinton.  But Erick sees Wikileaks as a far bigger problem for Hillary than most of the media admits.

The weekend of the start of the Democratic National Convention, the Russian hackers via Wikileaks have turned the Democratic convention upside down. The DNC Chair is out. The Sanders supporters are now on the verge of street violence in Philadelphia that did not happen in Cleveland.

I suspect that there will be a Russian hacker engineered October surprise where they dump all the emails they swiped from Hillary Clinton’s server throwing her more fully into chaos and damage control. They will put Clinton on defense in ways she has never been. I would not be surprised if the Clinton Foundation is likewise hacked.

The truth will set you free? Well it seems clear that Wikileaks is out to set the American people free, shining a light on the corruption of the Clinton crime family and the entire Democrat party.  But Erickson recognizes that Wikileaks is only a piece of the total effort in catapulting Trump to the Presidency:

Trump now has a loyal, highly expert group of foot soldiers who are not anti-Clinton, but very pro-Trump. In a 50-50 nation, these loyal foot soldiers may be enough to put Trump over the edge.

Erick seems to be seeing things clearly!  Trump supporters are the most loyal of any in our nation, and the American people will not stand for the lies and the the corruption of the Clintons.  And he is right about this, too: after this week, polls and experts are starting to see the same thing: Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.

Source: The Resurgent

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